Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Haul just another day ..

Sportsgirl lipgloss in Flamingo 
Priceline goodies 
Sportsgirl quilted bag
So I hauled again over the weekend .. I bought some stuff from Sportsgirl and some from Priceline.. Sportsgirl had a huge sale going on since a while now .. I bought this bag (it was reduced to 20 AUD from 60 AUD) ...and the lipgloss in Flamingo. 
Flamingo is a gorgeous pink color with a yummy smell ..what attracted me to the lipgloss was the two cute mini lights it has on the cap and a mirror on side of the lipgloss ...(click here to check out the other stuff I bought from Sportsgirl sale)

Then I went to Priceline and rarely can I walk out empty handed from that store, but this time I just bought some regular useful stuff ;) .. Garnier had 30% off on their products .. I had heard good things about the Garnier Anti Dark Circles Roll On (Medium to Dark).. so I thought of giving this a try (was around 13AUD - reduced)...I stocked on my fav makeup remover since it was on discount (this is where I mentioned it before) ..lastly I bought the Neutrogena alcohol free toner..would be using this for the first time ..

So what have you been hauling ?



  1. I hauled at Tony Bianco outlet store today :P 50% off everything :D

  2. nice haul! I have the light up sportsgirl lipgloss but mines in a nude colour. I love it! I also bought a similar quilted bag, hehe. nice blog!! & nice to see another aussie!!

  3. @Ashii : thanks :) .. i am also loving sportsgirl brushes ..


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