Saturday, July 23, 2011

My First Ever EOTD - Blue Smokey Eyes !!

Hi guys,

My love to splurge on makeup is increasing and so is my love to trying out different things on me ..So here I am with my First EOTD ..and what could be better to start off with other than somkey eyes (in my fave color at the moment blue)

Products used

Products used 
  • Australis Intensifeyequad (true blue)
  • Covergirl eye quad (drama eyes)
  • Revlon Colorstay sparkling eyeliner (blue spark)

How I created the look
  • Primed my eyes with Australis eyeshadow primer
  • Dabbed the greyish black shade from the Covergirl eye quad all over the eyelid
  • Used the third shade from the left from the Australis True Blue quad on the inner 1/3 parts of my eye
  • Dabbed the second shade from the left from the Australis True Blue quad on the inner 2/3 of my eye and blended it well all over the eyelid
  • Lined the upper and the lower lash line with the Revlon Colorstay sparkling eyeliner (Blue Spark)
  • Highlighted the highest part of my brow bone with the first ice blue color in the quad and you r done.. 
So what do u guys think ? 


  1. It looks great :) You have really pretty eyes! You should definitely do more looks :)

  2. Lovely eyes!! And love the eye makeup too..fab job :)

  3. hey
    thanks a lot all of ya really means a lot to me and gives me a good push to try more .. thanks again :)

  4. That looks gorgeous hun, the smokey blues really bring out the brown of your eyes. Great job!

  5. @lilit : thanks a lot sweetie .. :) am elated ..

  6. OOHH MY GOD.. awesome saumya rastogi.. superb!! keep up the good work and keep them coming.. plees try something with green smokey.. :) waiting for your post.

  7. Saumya Rastogi I love it!!!! Your eyes look totally gorgeous!!!! :D <3 <3

  8. hey thanks a lot Manu & Suma Sharma ..
    @ Suma : I will soon be coming to Pune n will take loads of tutorials from u :)
    @ Manu : sure will give it a try ..:)

  9. Love the colors. Will surely try it :)

  10. Replies
    1. thanks Sri :) how are you going ?

  11. Your eyebrows are perfect!
    Very nice.


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