Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Lip Tints/Stains galore !

One of my dearest friends had requested a post on lip tints/stains last year. At that time, I was not well equipped to do this post, I only had a lip stain (read : Revlon Just bitten kissable balm stains) and a tinted lip balm. 

I have a few more lip stains/tints kind of things in my collection now and in today's post, I will share with you my thoughts on the different ones I have tried. 

Rituparna, this is for you :)

Lip Balms and Lip Stains are terms used synonymously however, I do think they are slightly different. 

Lip tints, in my opinion, give your lips a subtle tint/flush (e.g. a tinted lip balm, sheer products) and Lip stains are products that leave your lips with a stain behind (e.g. long wearing lipsticks), or products that are sold as stains (e.g. marker type products). They can be drying as usually are long wearing.

I have categorized the different products I have tried (in the order 1 to 5, as numbered in the pic above)

1. Cheek and Lip tint - Featured in the pic above is Benetint, a cheek and lip stain by Benefit. Don't be scared by the color, this comes out as a very sheer flush of red color (it is buildable). If you are looking for a very natural color, then this is a good one to go for. 

  • Love the packaging
  • Smells gorgeous
  • 2 in one product, can be used both as a blush and lip tint
  • Benfit does them in other colors as well
  • Not moisturizing, however not too drying either
  • Pricey

2. Tinted Lip Balm - I have been using this Burt's Bees tinted lip balm for a while now and I completely love this product. I have it in 'Hibiscus'. Its comes out as a gorgeous peach MLBB color, perfect for when you cannot be bothered with a lipstick but want some color.
  • Natural
  • Very moisturizing
  • Not long lasting
  • Subtle color 
  • One of the best lip balms out there IMO
  • Available in other colors as well
3. Lip Crayons (lip balm stains) - The market is full with the crayon products, every company has their own version. The only lip crayons that I have tried are the Revlon Just Bitten lip balm stains. I have tried the original release and also the newly released matte variant. These are moisturising on the lips (like lip balms). The originally released were sheer, while the recently released matte ones are pigmented and creamy. If you fancy the whole crayon thing, do these give a try. I prefer the latest matte release.
  • Moisturizing
  • Mint flavor and fragrance
  • Leaves a subtle stain behind
  • Easy to apply 
  • Affordable
  • Stay for 4-6 hours
  • Twist up (no need for sharpening)
  • Lots of shade variety

4. Lip Lacquers - Super pigmented, liquid Lipsticks that pack a punch and leave behind a stain. The only liquid lipstick that I have tried is Rimmel Apocalips in Stellar. It is a gorgeous, bright color. 
  • Pigmented
  • Creamy and Opaque
  • Leaves a stain behind 
  • Not drying, not moisturizing either
  • Exfoliation of lips prior to using is a must
  • Available in bright to nude shades

5. Lip Tint - The lip tint featured in the picture above is the Lush Santa Baby Lip tint (Christmas Collection 2013). It comes in a little pot like lip balms/tints from Lush. Santa Baby is a beautiful bright red color. The texture is quite creamy and comfortable on lips. Blot it for a softer stain like look.
  • Super Pigmented 
  • Little goes a long way 
  • Leaves a stain behind
  • Exfoliation of lips prior to using is a must

Hope you liked the post.So these were the lip tints/stains I have used. 
Which are your favorite lip stains/tints ? Any recommendations (leave them in comments below) ?

Monday, August 18, 2014

Scrub a dub dub !

I really enjoy body scrubs. I have previously raved about the Sukin Purifying Body Scrub, however my latest obsession is Dirty Works Buttery Salt Scrub*.

This is one of the first product I am trying from Dirty Works and I am quite pleased :). I love that they are affordable and easily available at Coles.

I am smitten by the beachy, salty smell of this scrub. It kind of reminds me of Lush's Big. This product, just as the name says, is srubby and salty but leaves skin feeling buttery smooth which is a big plus.

The Good
  • Super cute and fun packaging (love!)
  • Awesome smell (beachy, salty)
  • Nice texture
  • Adequately gritty (not too harsh, not too gentle) - provides good exfoliation
  • Leaves the skin feeling super soft and moisturized
  • Affordable 
  • Tub packaging (no wastage)
  • Easily available

The Bad
  •  A bit too runny, can result in product wastage
  •  May be a bit harsh for sensitive skin 

The Price 
9.77 AUD (300 ml)

Where to Buy

* This product was provided for consideration. However, I was not paid for it. My reviews/opinions are always honest.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ways to use Coconut Oil - Beauty

Coconut Oil is quite a rage these days in health and beauty. In today's post I will be sharing different "Ways to use Coconut Oil".

 Growing up in India, coconut oil was one of the most commonly used hair oils. When I think of coconut oil, I always remember the bright blue bottle from "Parachute". Parachute, is a brand by Marico almost synonymous with coconut oil :) (At least in India IMO). Coconut/Coconut Oil is also used a lot in cooking in some parts of India, however I still haven't ventured in that yet.

Without further ado, let's get on with 'Ways to use Coconut Oil'
  • Eye Makeup Remover - Take some coconut oil on tips of your fingers and massage it over your eyes. Its a fantastic, affordable and easy way to get rid of waterproof makeup.
  • Hair Oil - I massage it onto my scalp and hair and leave it through the day (or sometimes overnight). Coconut Oil nourishes your hair, is good for hair growth and dandruff.
  • Hair Conditioner  - I apply coconut oil on my hair ends and leave it for a couple of hours and wash as usual. Leaves your hair feeling soft and smooth.
  • Body lotion - You can use it as a body lotion in winters.
  • Coffee Body scrub - Mix coffee/coffee ground, sugar and coconut oil and viola you have a DIY body scrub.
  • Body Salt Scrub - Mix Salt, coconut oil and any other essential oil of your choice and you have a body salt scrub.
  • Lip balm - You can apply it as a lip balm
  • Lip scrub - Coconut Oil + Sugar makes for a good lip scrub
  • Cuticle cream - Coconut oil acts as a fantastic cuticle cream or nail cream.
  • Bath oil - A couple of drops in your bath and you can have an awesome, moisturizing bath
  • Shaving cream - I am huge fan of Lush's Ambrosia shaving cream. Coconut Oil can be used a shaving cream too for a deep shave.
  • Clean makeup brushes - I use EVOO for cleaning my eyeliner/lipstick makeup brushes but coconut oil can be used as well.

If you enjoyed this post, do check out the previous one  "Ways to use Q tips/cotton buds"
What are the different ways you use coconut oil ?

Monday, August 11, 2014

Pigmented Blushes - Yay or Nay ?

In today's post I am sharing my love/hate relationship with pigmented blushes. 
Pigmented lipsticks, yes please ! Pigmented blushes, not so much !

Well pigmented blushes have their advantages, like, 'little goes a long way', but really, I don't want it to. I would be more than happy, if I can finish my makeup products (and make room for more). One of the other reasons pigmented blushes are a hot favorite with many, is, you can get on the color quickly and don't have to keep struggling to build color. 

Two of the most pigmented blushes I own are, Wet n Wild 'Heather Silk' and Nars 'Dolce Vita' (in the pic above and below). I usually end up looking like a clown when I apply them and have to go over with a clean brush to make it look okay. It ends up a bit time consuming for me and I just end up using these beauties less. For me, I guess I prefer my blushes to be buildable. I find it comfortable to gradually build it up as compared to BAM ! all at once. Though, I really like these blushes, I don't use them that often :(

My absolute favorite everyday neutral blushes are Tarte Exposed and MAC Blushbaby.

Are you a pigmented blush girl ? Any tips and trick on how to wear them ? Any recommendations on neutral blushes ?