Thursday, August 27, 2015

5 Basic Hair Products/Tools that you need !

I used to consider myself a pretty low maintenance person when it came to haircare, well, in comparison to makeup I guess I still am. Recently I have noticed that there are some products that I just cannot do without and in my opinion are some basic haircare products/tools that everyone should own.

Hair Oil
There was a time when I was scared to use hair oil or serums as my hair tends to get oily too soon but once I started using them my hair game changed completely. I love hair oils and use them as a leave in conditioner when my hair is damp. They act as a detangler, treatment and shine treatment and leave your hair feeling soft, smooth and feeling nourished. A hair oil that I have been trying and loving is Bhave Riot Control Oil*, it contains organic Argan oil and Vitamin E. I love the subtle smell it has and it makes my hair frizz free, smooth and shiny. I also love that it is free from parabens, sulphates and sodium chloride and so is better for my hair. I focus this on the ends of my hair.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Review - Blinc Eyebrow mousse & Eyeliner pen !

In today's post I am reviewing some Blinc* products I recently received. Blinc is a company that makes eye makeup products only. 

As mentioned on Blinc's website

ALL blinc products offer complete performance worthy of a prestige cosmetics brand. Namely; ease of application, endless wear, and effortless removal.

ALL blinc products offer our Life Proof properties being smudge-proof, sweat-proof, water-resistant and flake proof, so you can exercise, cry, swim, hit the beach and do everything else you want to do in your busy schedule feeling confident your eyes look as good when you take your blinc makeup off, as you did when you first put it on!

That's the blinc Life Proof promise that women around the world have grown to love and trust.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Winter Polish #2

I don't always stick to specific color choices in beauty seasonally but these days I have been leaning towards some specific shades for my manicure. So in today's post I am sharing with you the colors that I have been getting the most use of this winter. Check out my previous Winter Polish Edition HERE


I have been loving shimmery nails recently, in particular, this gorgeous shade from Loreal called Mysterious Icon. Its a beautiful shimmery taupe brown and looks stunning on its own or paired with another polish. While we are on this mani, I must tell you I absolutely adore the shade Scarlet Vamp and love both these polishes together. I gave it away and don't have it anymore but if your love maroons, definitely check it out. Original mani post HERE
I love blue nail polishes and love wearing a beautiful navy in winter. My recent favorite has been "For Sure, Yes !"* from Faby. I love the shade and the formula and love wearing it on my toes too. 

Chocolate Brown
I am not much a brown nail polish wearer but recently I tried Sally Hansen nail polish in Spice Age* and surprisingly love how it looks on me. This is definitely one shade I do not see me wearing in summer. Original mani post HERE

Monday, August 17, 2015

The Winter Flush !

In today's post I am sharing the blush colors that I am wearing the most this winter. I am not much of a berry/wine lip wearer but do wear deeper pinks in winter and have been pairing them with these blushes.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Nars Limited Edition True Nars Lip Pencil Set Swatches & Photos

If you follow me on Instagram, you may know I recently did a mini Mecca Maxima haul and treated myself to this beautiful limited edition NARS True Nars Lip Pencil Set. In today's post I am sharing pictures and swatches of these beauties.

True Nars Lip Pencil Set is a limited edition set from NARS and is available at Mecca Cosmetica and Mecca Maxima or from their website. This set consists of two satin lip pencils and a velvet matte lip pencil. The colors included are Luxembourg (Satin), Yu (Satin) and Provocative Red (Velvet Matte). Luxembourg and Yu are a part of the permanent range while Provocative Red is a a limited edition shade. The pencils have 2.2 gms of product each.

The set comes in this beautiful compact (pictured above) with a large mirror and a jumbo sized sharpener which is good as these pencils are not twist ups.