Monday, June 29, 2015

Tarte Blush Mania - Photos and Swatches (Pic Heavy !)

If you follow me on instagram, you will be knowing, I was lucky enough to receive a beautiful delivery of Tarte* Amazonian Clay 12-hour blushes. I haven't tried a lot of Tarte makeup as previously Tarte was not easily available in Australia, but now you can buy them from Sephora Sydney. 

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know my love for the Tarte 'Exposed' blush, I have reviewed it before and mentioned it HERE, HERE and HERE

Instead of doing a review again, in today's post I am sharing, photos, swatches, description of different shades and things that I love about the Tarte blushes. Hope you like it !

Things that I love about the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes

  • Love that you can pop them out and easily place them in your Z palette. This is something that I just learnt about these blushes and am most excited about it. No depotting skills required !
  • Love that the packaging is color coordinated and so sleek
  • The blush comes with a handy mirror
  • Uber Pigmented (most of them)
  • Long wearing 
  • Made with Amazonian clay that actually benefit the skin. 
  • Tarte products are always formulated without Parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, SLS, gluten and triclosan as on Tarte's website. 
  • Cruelty free 

    Did you know, you can just pop a Tarte blush out of its case and drop in your palette. No depotting skills required :)

    Swatches in natural light

    Let's talk about the shades :

    Described as soft rose by Tarte. This reminded me a bit of Exposed. This is a neutral, rosy brown with some shimmer which is not much detectable on the cheeks. 
    Described as shimmering peachy pink by Tarte. Glisten is rightly as mentioned by Tarte, a true shimmery peachy pink and reminded me of Nars Orgasm, though I don't have Orgasm to compare. Its a beautiful shimmery shade.

    Natural Beauty
    Described as rosy red by Tarte. This is beautiful deep rosy pink color with red undertone and is super pigmented. I love this shade, I think its perfect for winters.

    Blushing Bride
    Described as rosy pink by Tarte. Blushing bride is a very natural, wearable, brownish pink shade. Definitely one of the easy to wear shades.

    Described as light pink by Tarte. Just as described is a light pink shade, which will look beautiful on fair skin tones.

    Described as pink berry by Tarte. Flush to me is similar to Dollface but with a bit more purple and berry tones. This will also look good on fair skin tones.

    Described as nude pink by Tarte. Exposed is a neutral, plummy, brownish pink which looks lovely and natural on the skin. It goes with almost any makeup or any lipstick and is a beautiful everyday blush. This is my favorite blush in my collection.

    Described as warm pink nude by Tarte. To me this seems like a pale peach shade and will suit fair skin tones. 

    Described as pink coral by Tarte. Fearless is a beautiful pink shade that will look good on a lot of skin tones.

    Described as warm peach by Tarte. Blissflul is a true peach in my opinion and is wonderful to warm up the skin.

    Described as coral by Tarte. Tipsy is a beautiful, matte, bright coral shade. This has to be my favorite of the lot after Exposed. Its gorgeous and will be amazing for summer.

    Described as a warm peach by Tarte. Its beautiful peach shade but lighter and paler as compared to Blissful. This reminded me a bit of MAC Peaches.

    My favorite of the lot are Exposed, Natural Beauty, Blushing Bride, Fearless, Blissful. Tipsy and Captivating

    Have you tried Tarte blushes ? Which are your favorite shades ? 

    These products were provided for consideration. However, I am not being paid for this post nor am I obligated to write this post. My reviews and opinions are always honest. 


    1. Wow! This is drool worthy. I am a blush addict and deep down my heart I wish to stock all the Tarte blushes. Loved all those shades, especially Captivating, Blissful and Tipsy. Lovely swatches, dear :)

      1. Thank you Sayantini ! You should definitely try at least one blush from Tarte, they are awesome and I love the simple and sleek packaging too !

    2. I've been waiting eagerly for this post! What a wonderful selection - I honestly wouldn't know what shade to pick first!

      1. Ha Ha, I agree that can be tough choice to make ! That's why I kind of went with the safest option and bought Exposed the first time around, it goes with everything and is awesome !

    3. I have only tried the Tarte eye pencils and I love the awesome quality. These blushes look so very good! What gorgeous shades!!!

      1. Oooh the pencils sound good, I haven't tried much from the brand, only blushes. But I need to make a Sephora visit now to explore more.
        Yeah so many shades are right up my alley :)

    4. Your so lucky to have received these! They're so prettyyyy!!!

      This Damsel Loves

      1. Yes, the lucky duck :) They are gorgeous. I am loving coral and pink shades !

    5. Such beautiful shades <3 Love the clicks Saumya! Thanks for sharing <3

      1. Thank you so much Rakhshanda, my pleasure :)

    6. Awesome..did u win thier giveaway

      1. No I received this from Tarte as a PR sample.

    7. I have never heard of Tarte blushes..I hope they are pigmented...They don't look that pigmented..


      1. They definitely are, most of them, but not all of them are equal. You should try watching them if you get a chance.

    8. These look gorgeous! I've never tried anything from Tarte. What stunning colours! Blushing Bride and Tipsy would be my pick.

      1. I am loving Blushing Bride and Tipsy too ! Tipsy is such a gorgeous coral, would be perfect summer blush.

    9. Do all Tarte blushes pop out? I have a few mini ones from a holiday set, and I wish they popped out but I don't think they do!


      1. Sorry, but I am not sure about the mini blushes Rachel. I definitely tried my blush of old packaging to see if it popped out and it did. So I think for normal size blushes, this feature has always been there. I just tap the blush and the pan comes out and can be put on any magnetic surface.

    10. Great review, I love these shades, especially blissful! :)
      Urban Obsessions // Vegan Food & Lifestyle Blog

    11. Ha, my last comment didn't get published so I'll give it a try again.

      I love Tipsy and Blissful - totally beautiful shades. Also love Captivating and Exposed.

      You know Tarte is one of those brands I always overlook and don't know why. Long time ago, I tried their lipstick sticks and they were amazing.

      1. I haven't tried anything from Tarte except the blushes, but I wanna try their products. Tipsy, Blissful, Exposed and Captivating are my favorites too. I am glad that Tarte is now available at Sephora, so easily accessible to us.

    12. omg!!! I'm literally drooling! loved the swatches!


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