Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cheap but Chic Diaries - Affordable Decor from Kmart

Don't we all love bargains, that too if we find something oh so luxe looking at a cool price ? This edition of 'Cheap but Chic Diaries' bring to you something on the Decor front, hope you like it. 

Today's Cheap but Chic Diaries features a  decorative 'Silver dish' from Kmart. I have kept this on my dresser and plan to keep the rings or necklaces that are on rotation. You could use this for anything, just a pretty way to display something ..adds a glamorous touch  ..

The model is called 'Madrid Silver Bowl' and was for 7 AUD. 

What your recent bargain that you have been loving ?


  1. Nice! I have found a lot of great deals at Kmart too.

    1. thanks Chantel :) kmart is an awesome place for bargains :)

  2. Good ol' Kmart, they have such affordable products that can sometimes be exactly what we're looking for :) Cool dish, I like the idea of using it to store your jewellery or other items :)

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