Monday, April 7, 2014

Jewellery and Bag Haul !

A while back Colette had 50% off on all jewellery and needless to say I shopped ! I have also been wanting to buy a new bag and I found something that I really like. Today's post is my recent bag and jewellery haul :) Enjoy !

I bought three necklaces from Colette. 

I bought this fun colorful chunky necklace from Colette as I don't have anything in these colors. I got this for 8.48$.

I bought this diamante necklace in the black metal. I love this because it is a neutral piece and will go with everything. I got this for 8.48$.

Finally this pearl necklace, I love it because it is edgy as opposed to a lot of pearl necklaces. I got this for 6.48$.

On to the bags, I bought this bag from Strandbags. It is by the brand Marikai. This was for 69.99, I got this for 39$. 

I wanted to buy a black cross body bag. I bought this black with gold hardware from Sportsgirl (discounted 23$). 

What has been your recent best bargain ?


  1. Woha...So many Bags ! love them...

  2. Woha...So many Bags ! love them...

  3. in Colette Dinigan? I loved her stuff when I had seen her store in Melbourne. Loved both the neckpieces and the grey and blue handbag :)

    1. No Colette by Colette Hayman. Check out the site here
      When were you in Melbourne ?


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