Monday, April 14, 2014

How I Organize my Dresser/Vanity !

I have to admit that I am very excited about this post. 
It is probably because am very happy about the way my dresser is currently organized and how everything I need daily is so visible and easily accessible. 

It may also look a bit cluttered to you, but to me it is what I like to believe as organized clutter :)

I truly believe in the power of organizing (I know, I sound dramatic), not that I am a domestic goddess or any such thing, but then it is the simple joys of life like this, that makes one happy, isn't it ? 

Without any further let's get on to it, "How I Organize my dresser or What's in my dresser ?"

Drawer 1
In this drawer I keep all stuff I need for manicures, all nail stuff - nail polishes, nail polish removers, nail cutter, buffer, nail correcter pen, q tip, etc., it helps that everything is at one place. 
This drawer also houses some of my hair stuff, some clips, brushes, hair ties and section clips mainly.

The white baskets in the picture are from Kmart.  They come in a pack of 4 from what I remember and are super affordable.

Drawer 2
Drawer 2 is mainly for my watches, perfumes and some jewellery. I have my watches lying on my GHD straightener box. There are some bold and bright lipsticks on the left corner that I don't wear on a daily basis, the lipsticks that I wear daily are on the top of my dresser or my makeup cube. The three boxes contain some of my rings and bracelets. This drawer also has perfumes and some hair bands. Finally I have some dainty necklaces in one of these white baskets (the same from Kmart). This drawer is definitely a bit all over the place, but I prefer to have all of this in the top drawer.

Drawer 3
Drawer 3 is hair tools, my GHD Straightener and Hair Dryer. Simple and the most sorted drawer :)

Drawer 4
Most of my jewellery is set up in my Jewellery Armoire. Check out my previous post on my jewellery storage. Some pieces here and there live in my dresser. This drawer has some necklaces and bracelets. I keep some of my hard to store statement necklaces in here.

I also have some silver jewellery in the right corner that I keep in bags so it doesn't get tarnished.

Drawer 5
In this drawer, I keep my palettes, samples and some makeup/skincare stuff (my stock as I like to call it) that I am not using currently. I do buy some extra stuff sometimes but I don't open it all at the same time.

Drawer 6
Last but not the least this drawer contains some makeup bags, my watch boxes and my GHD case. Also some velcro rollers which nearly got stuck in my hair and I have no plans of using in the near future.

Previous Organization/Storage Posts

Do you like organizing ? Any organization tips ?


  1. It's always fun to watch what's there in others vanity ;) . loved the way you arranged it :)

  2. I loved your vanity :D
    You inspired me to do a post like this but mine is not that good :(

    1. thanks Shayoni, you should do one, its fun to see how others organize :)

  3. I absolutely love posts like these! I think your dressing table is organised perfectly.

    Btw, I love that necklace in the purple box in pic #4. So pretty!

    1. thanks Angela :)
      O I love it too, its from Colette, was a cheapie, I bought it in sale long time back..


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