Thursday, December 20, 2012

Review - MAC Cosmo

I got MAC Cosmo on my recent USA trip. If you missed my US haul, check the MAC one HERE.  

Cosmo is a pink brown shade which should work across a lot of skin tones. It's an Amplified finish. IMO, MAC Cosmo, is one of those no fuss, everyday colors, which could go with anything and everything .. perfect for everyday, perfect for work and perfect when you cannot make up your mind ;)

MAC Cosmo

Below is a comparison with the lipsticks that I love to wear on a daily basis and that I find really easy to wear .. from L to R, Loreal Afterglow, MAC Cosmo, MAC See Sheer & Chanel Silhouette. You can see how pigmented MAC Cosmo is over Loreal Afterglow and MAC See Sheer

The Good 
  • Creamy in texture
  • Opaque, gets good coverage 
  • Great pigmentation 
  • Easy to wear, no lip liner required, wear straight from the tube
  • Practically goes with everything

The Bad
  • Does not last as long as matte lipsticks  
  • Very expensive in  Australia :( 

Do you own MAC Cosmo ? Which is your favorite everyday color ?


  1. i use twig which lasts long and very much wearable..cosmo is an overhyped shade and it washes out many poeple..

    1. I haven't tried twig yet ..well ya that happens with a lot of overhyped products .. everything cannot suit all .. but yes Cosmo suits me and is a good color to have but not a must have or an outstanding shade but rather a very basic everyday shade ..

  2. Cosmo's one of my favourite nude lipsticks because it's not too pale on me. My one complaint about MAC lipsticks - although it won't stop me buying them - is that they tend to be drying on my lips :s

    1. Cosmo does not feel that drying on me neither does See Sheer but Crosswires definitely does feel a bit drying on my lips ..

  3. I always wanted MAC cosmo as my first MAC but sumtym nw I am nt sure :\ Gr8 review Saumya :)

    1. thanks Raaga :) you should always try the lipstick on your lips n then only buy if you think it suits u :)

  4. Look like a gorgeous lipstick :)

  5. MAC Retro is also a nice can be applied sheer or built up..I always wanted cosmo but it looked horrible on me when I tried..


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