Saturday, December 22, 2012

How to wash your hair brushes

Just as we emphasize the importance of cleaning our makeup brushes, the same goes for our hair brushes too. It is very important to keep our hair brushes clean and clear..So today's post is 'How to wash your hair brushes'.

What you need to clean
  1. Dirty Hair brushes ;)
  2. Bowl to soak the hair brushes
  3. A big brush, tooth brush, antiseptic (Dettol/Savlon), shampoo and detergent/washing powder 

How to
  1. Fill luke warm water in the bowl. Add half a cap antiseptic solution and some shampoo in water and lather up.
  2. Soak your brushes for 20-30 minutes.

How to

  1. Take some washing powder on a plate.
  2. Add some drops of water on to the washing powder.
  3. Coat the big brush with the washing powder.
  4. Move the brush to and fro over the comb to clean away all the dirt gathered up.
  5. Keep running the brush the same way till all the combs are clean of the dirt.
  6. Coat a tooth brush with the washing powder.
  7. Move the brush to and fro over the hair brush to clean away all the dirt gathered up.
  8. Keep cleaning till you have covered all the brushes.

I like to use a tooth brush for hair brushes and a big brush for combs. A tooth brush can do for both. Use whatever you like. 

Wash all the brushes and comb thoroughly in running water and keep them for drying over a towel. And there you have it, all washed up, good as brand new hair brushes/combs.

How do you wash yours ? How often do you wash them ?


  1. What a useful post! I hardly ever wash my hairbrushes but it makes a lot of sense to - I love the last picture with all your brushes looking pristine once again.

    1. thanks :) ya a lot of us overlook washing hair brushes but its as important as our washing our makeup brushes :), n its so good to see the clean n clear brushes in the end ..

  2. I do this very often!! awesome post, girl!

  3. Oh that's great, I didn't know how to wash my brushes properly! xx

  4. Great post.Thank you for your share.


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