Sunday, October 30, 2011

NOTD - 'All that glitters' ..Next Retail Ltd

Hi girls

I am sorry I have been MIA since a while now .. Well a lot has been going on at my end ..I have been at home since I came to Sydney, but the good news is that I joined work, some time back :). So all of a sudden my schedule has changed and I have been trying to put things together and apart from that have also been busy with some personal stuff. Future posting would also be a bit slow as I would be going to India coming weekend.

Well moving on to the glittery stuff, I have a NOTD today by Next Retail Ltd (unfortunaltely a no name one). I love this glittery nail polish .. its perfect for everyday .. to me its a pretty soft white gold color which I adore ..

Which is your current favorite nailpolish. What colors do you like to wear everyday ?


  1. Very pretty, I'd definitely wear this to work. :)

  2. @Vita : Thank you :) ..I find these subtle and soft colors perfect for work


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