Wednesday, October 22, 2014

5 Accessories to spice up your outfit !

I am big believer in what accessories can do for an outfit. In today's post I share with you my top 5 picks to spice up an outfit.

1. Statement Necklace - I love jewellery, statement necklaces being one of my favorite. Statement necklaces, in my opinion is the easiest way to bling up your outfit. If you are fond of plain, monochrome clothing, then statement jewellery is an easy way to add some color, some oomph to the outfit. I have previously done a post on Styling Necklaces. Featured in the pic, is a necklace from J Crew.

2. Watch - If jewllery is not your thing, then watches are the easiest bet to snazz up an outfit. There is so much on offer, metal strap, leather strap, wrap watches, chunky, delicate, etc. Featured in the pic, are watches from Marc Jabobs and Michael Kors.

3. Bright Lipstick - This may not be for everyone, but I truly belive a bright, bold lip, definitely adds all the style, glamour to an outfit. Featured in the pic, is MAC Ruby Woo.

4. Belt - I am big fan of skinny belts, they add definition to the outfit and pack a style statement too. Featured in the pic, is a belt from Forever New.

5. Scarves - This is one thing that I have to admit I don't wear a lot of. Scarves add an easy and effortless vibe to the outfit. Featured in the pic, are scarves from a local market in Mussorie (polka dotted one) and Her Fashion Box*

Which are your favorite accessories to snazz up an outfit ?

* Was gifted to me by the company


  1. Nice post :) My favourite accessories to snazz up an outfit are statement necklaces and bright lipsticks!

    1. Thanks Karishma, glad you liked it. Thanks for stopping by. May favorite out of the five mentioned have to be statement necklaces, lipsticks and watches.


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