Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Ways to use Q tips/cotton buds

I am starting a new section on the blog called Ways to use. In today's post, I will be sharing with you various ways to use one of my favorite beauty tools the Q tips/Cotton buds/Ear buds.  

Makeup Uses

  1. Shadow Applicator - Use the flat and the big side of the Q tips (similar to 3 in the pic above) as a shadow applicator. Just dip it in your favorite eyeshadow and apply it in a dab dab motion.
  2. Using cream Products - Use a Q tip to apply your favorite cream blush or highlighter instead of using fingers to apply it on your cheeks (keeps it more hygienic)
  3. Smudging Eyeliner - Want to rock the smokey look, well you don't necessarily need a brush, use Q tips to smudge your liner. Simply run over the liner to smudge it.
  4. Correcting Makeup - This is one of my favorite ones, we all have the moments when we are done with our eye makeup but get mascara over eyes or some eyeliner spills, but fear not Q tips are here to help. Dip your q tip in the eyeshadow you have used and apply it over the mascara or eyeliner mark (repeat if required). This is a simple and easy way to correct your makeup mistakes. If you are not wearing a shadow and mess it up, use the same method, just dip the Q tip (similar to 1 or 2) in eye makeup remover :)
  5. Removing Eyeliner - This is another favorite as I use it everyday. Eyeliners on lower lash line or waterline can be hard to remove, just dip your Q tip (similar to 2 as in the pic) in makeup remover and run it on your lash line as you would while applying eye liner.
  6. Removing Mascara - Same method as above.
  7. Filling in eyebrows - Dip Q tip in your favorite brow shadow and fill in your brows as you would with a brush.
  8. Apply Eyeliner - Dip Q tip in your gel eyeliner and apply as you normally would.
  9. Clean up manicure - The Q tips with the pointy ends (1 and 3 as in the pic) can be used for cleaning up an excess nail polish around your nails. Dip the pointy end in nail polish remover and and clean around the nails.
  10. Clean up the lipstick application - Q tips can ensure a clean lipstick application, just clean up any excess with a q tip. You can also apply concealer around the edges for a precise finish.
Other Uses
  1. Using it as an ear bud - Traditionally meant for cleaning ears, Q tips can be used for so many other things. Though I have heard a lot that they should not be used for cleaning ears. So I would not recommend this one.
  2. Removing gunk from your eyes - Self explanatory
  3. Clean Keyboard - Q tips are good at cleaning keyboards as they are easy to get into those hard to reach spaces.

    Hope you liked this new feature and found it helpful. What are your favorite ways to use Q tips ?

    Just a note, I am not claiming that I have discovered these ways on my own. Over the course of my blogging period, I have learnt some of these while reading articles, watching different videos and few on my own using Q tips (one of my favorite and most used beauty tools). I am sharing these multiple ways in one post so it can hopefully be useful for all.


  1. Nice! There are so many different ways! I usually used it for eye liners! But to fill brow too it can be used! wow! :)


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