Monday, May 26, 2014

Review - Savvy by DB Eyeliners

I love colored eye pencils. 
If I want to do a quick eye do without any effort, colored eye pencils are what I go for. A colored eyeliner on the lid and a black on the lower lash line and you are good to go :)

I love how colored eyeliners add a pop of color and define your eyes without much effort. Today's post is about Savvy by DB eyeliners. Savvy by DB is an affordable Australian brand available at Priceline.

We are talking about Savvy by DB soft glide eyeliner in 'Brilliant Brown' and Savvy by DB long wearing eyeliner in 'Jade'.

Savvy by DB Soft Glide Eyeliners are exactly as the name suggest super soft and creamy and they just glide on the eyes beautifully. They are pigmented and long lasting. 
Price - 7.99 AUD

I was looking for a different color eyeliner and I spotted the Savvy by DB Long Wearing eyeliner in Jade. Its a beautiful green color but not as pigmented and creamy as the Soft Glide Eyeliners. 
Price - 6.99 AUD. 

Shop them from Priceline.

Overall the Savvy by DB eye liners are good drugstore eyeliners and out of the two, I would definitely recommend the Savvy by DB Soft Glide Eyeliners.


  1. These are soooo nice!!!

    1. thanks Naomi :) they are really good and affordable

  2. I love Savvy products! Always stock up when I go to priceline.
    Leave me a comment on my blog and follow if you want and I will follow back :)

    1. I haven't tried much from Savvy except for these. What do you recommend ?

  3. There are some really good powder liners. The packaging looks like a thick eyepencil. I use the light blue on the top of my eyelids. There's a similar eyeliner that Max Factor do as well which is really good. I wrote a post to it some time ago:


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