Monday, May 5, 2014

Manicure Monday - Scarlet with metallic accent !

Its been a while since a did a manicure post. I recently hauled some Loreal nail polishes (they are buy one get one at Priceline currently) and well what better way to show it off than a Manicure Monday :)
I am full on trying to welcome the winter season with this beautiful scarlet and taupey shimmery nail polish from Loreal. 

I am wearing Scarlet Vamp and Mysterious Icon from Loreal Color Riche. 

Scarlet Vamp is a gorgeous maroon colcor perfect for the colder months and Mysterious Icon is a stunning shade with lots of dimension, in other words, hard to describe (ha ha).

Mysterious Icon is to me a taupey shade with gold and coppery shimmer.

Both the nail polishes are pigmented and show opaque in two coats. I love the brush of this range, its a wide brush, which I prefer. Overall, I would say definitely give these a go. 

Which is your go to color currently ?


  1. Oh my god.. Even though you were trying to show off your mani, I am more focussed on those midi rings! I want.

    Would you mind telling me where you purchased them from?

  2. Ha Ha Fathima, they are from Diva :)

  3. Is that an online shop?
    Or a brand from near your place?

    1. Hey its a jewellery and accessory chain across Australia. They have their online store as well.
      Somehow I cannot access their site at the moment Hope this helps


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