Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Review - Girlz Only Dry Shampoo for Dark and Deep Brown Hair and comparison with Batiste

I have a love hate relationship with Dry Shampoos. 
I used to think that they would work like  magic and with just a few sprays they would make my hair fresh, clean and nice. 

But this is not the case. Dry Shampoos do revive your hair between washes, will give body, texture to your hair but do not make your hair feel squeaky clean. I do get the feeling that I have some product in my hair, and obviously does not feel as clean as compared to freshly shampooed hair. 

But nonetheless, it can be your best friend when you want to skip the whole shampooing stuff . So lets see, the good and the bad  of the 'Girlz Only Dry Shampoo for Dark and Deep Brown Hair'.

The Good
  • Has a tint to it, so it is better for  darker haired girls as compared to the traditional dry shampoos. It is not completely colorless, but far easier and better to work with this than the regular ones.
  • Not as powdery as Batiste (the only other dry shampoo I have used), so easy and quicker to brush through.
  • Is good at soaking up oil.
  • Feels more light as compared to Batiste.The feeling that you get that you have a lot of product in your hair. That feeling is way less in the Girlz Only DryShampoo as compared to Batiste.

The Bad
Honestly, for me none, its an absolute gem of a product. You can't beat it at this price. I have read some reviews of people complaining about this dry shampoo not being able to soak enough oil resulting in usage of excess product. I personally did not experience this. 

I preferred this over Batiste and would love to try the Hazy Days which is another  popular one by Girlz Only. 

They also sell Dry Conditioners.

The Price

Where to Buy

Have you tried Girlz Only Range and how was your experience ?


  1. I absolutely love the Girlz only dry shampoos.. I use the green one and bought 4 on clearance for like 40c

    1. wow 40 c, cool, I will try the green one ? does that come out clear ?
      I have just bought the Hazy Days one ..

  2. Wow so cheap! Will have to try it one day. My personal favourite dry shampoo is the Klorane one with oat milk - it is absolute the best and superior to Batiste in my opinion.

    1. Yes and they are pretty good for the price ..Will try out Klorane some time ..

  3. i have tried batiste and didnt liked it but never saw this...where did u got it from?

    1. Hey Rachna, Girlz Only is available at Target in Australia.


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