Wednesday, December 11, 2013

LUSH Blogger Event - A Cruelty Free Christmas *PIC HEAVY*

I got to attend the Lush Christmas Blogger Event this Monday and it was fabulous. It was great meeting some of the lovely bloggers. 

Towards the beginning, the Lush team talked to us about the ethics behind the brand and moved on to introduce us their Christmas limited edition goodies. 

You can spot Sara-May from Makeup Utopia here. 

We learnt how to make fresh face masks and we got to keep the mask as well :). The one featured below is 'Cupcake'. A big thank you to Emma from My Fair Lipstick for holding the masks so we could click :)

Another exciting activity that we did was the 'Furoshiki Wrapping'.

We learnt how to make this flower headband :)

We also got to see the awesome bath extravaganza. The one in the below pic is the famous Bombardino ..

A note on how you get a CRUELTY-FREE CHRISTMAS with LUSH

Our ethics drive everything we do at here at LUSH. This Christmas we’re celebrating the many examples of how we put our ethics into practice through our fresh, handmade cosmetics. With 35 brand new products and even more stunning new gifts, you can feel good about the broader impact of your Christmas shopping when choosing LUSH.

Freshness is intrinsic to LUSH. All of our products are freshly handmade, locally in our LUSH kitchens. They are so fresh, that when LUSH products reach the customer, they are literally weeks, days or even just hours old. Not only that, but every product is labelled with the exact date that it was made, along with the person who made it, and the date you should use it by. This ensures maximum freshness and effectiveness of the product.

Lush uses its buying power to affect positive change in the world by only buying from suppliers that respect the environment, as well as the animals and people living there. Our creative buying team travels all over the world to source the highest quality ingredients. Whether it's 100% recycled cardboard or hand-picked roses, biodegradable wrapping, we’re always after the best environmental innovations across all areas of our material sourcing.
Creating ‘Naked’ and packaging-free products is at the core of Lush’s philosophy. As little packaging as possible is used in our LUSH shops worldwide, and customers have the option of going completely ‘Naked’ - referring to our products with absolutely no packaging at all - like our bath bombs, massage bars, and solid shampoo bars. This means that there is absolutely no environmentally damaging plastic packaging material used.

Lush’s ‘Charity Pot’ donates 100% of the money raised through the sale of this product to grassroots organisations and charities who work for environmental, human rights and animal protection issues. This is our way of giving back to the community, and supporting projects that work hard to bring about social change and protect the environment.
Animal testing is a cruel practice that is still commonplace for most cosmetic companies. Here at Lush, we don’t test any of our products on animals. Not only that, but we won’t buy any ingredient or material from a supplier that tests any of their products on animals either. We’ve been against animal testing for over 30 years and will continue to inform, encourage and participate in the fight for animal rights.
Lush frequently runs in-store campaigns to bring about change for various environmental, social, and animal rights issues. Do to our high volume of stores; we have a unique platform with which we can draw attention to such issues. Some of Lush’s recent campaigns include; Marriage equality, anti-animal testing, anti-unrecyclable packaging, human rights for the West Papuan people and asylum seekers.

What are you excited about from the Lush Christmas Range ?
* This is NOT a sponsored post.


  1. I am confusiong between the cosmetics and edibles now. :D This seems so much of fun! I wish I could go to an event like this.

    1. ha ha so true Nivedita :) You will surely soon :)

  2. Hey Saumya, it was so lovely to meet you at the event! Glad to see you had so much fun :) xx Vanessa

  3. Hi Vanessa, It was lovely meeting you too :)

  4. Sounds like a fun and informative event! Lush really knows how to do Christmas - their products are always so festively packaged and have the best shapes and colours :)

    1. so true, love their packaging so festive and thoughtful :)


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