Friday, June 7, 2013

A good Magazine and GWP :)

A good magazine , a cup of coffee and an awesome freebie, what more do you need in these chilly wintery days ? 

This is just a quick post for my Australian readers, the June/July edition of Harper's Bazaar comes with an awesome GWP. You get a beautiful scarf for yourself, the scarves are available to collect in two colors, turquoise and black. As you can see, I got the turquoise one ..

Grab yours, if you like it ..

Instagram pic in action ..

That's it for now, xo ..


  1. I don't drink coffee but I love drinking hot chocolate with a good magazine and many awesome freebies/samples! :) That magazine look so awesome Ms. Saumya!

    1. I love hot chocolate too .. perfect indulgence for chilly days :)

  2. the scarf is too pretty :)

  3. Replies
    1. thanks Chantel, yay!! for an awesome freebie :)

  4. Scarf is bful.. very bful... :-)


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