Sunday, January 27, 2013

Happy Australia Day & Happy Republic Day !!

Happy Australia Day to all my Australian readers and Happy Republic day (belated wishes) to all my Indian readers ..Hope everyone had a great 26th January  .. 

I had a great day.. spent almost the entire day at Darling Harbour .. I wanted to see the Australia Day Celebrations this time as I missed them last year..

It was a beautiful sunny day, had a good stroll around the harbour, spent the day licking yummy colorful ice candy (love how it matches with my sandals) n lazing around the park :)

Spent the evening watching the boat and the tall ships parade and then the spectacular fireworks .. Had an awesome burger at The Star for dinner... n that was my day ..

Did you celebrate the 26th of January ? 


  1. Sounds like a lovely day holidaying in your own city! :)


  2. Great pictures, happy Australia day for then! We had a bbq and drinks at the beach :)

    1. Thanks Ashii ...same to u .. n thats shounds like a lot of fun ..


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