Friday, October 12, 2012 - Free International Shipping over 40$ & Discount code

I got to know about from the Australian youtuber 'Rachael Jade' and I ordered Real Techniques brushes from the website and also received 10 $ off on my first purchase using her discount code. Since I am traveling to USA in November, I got mine delivered to US as it was free shipping over 40 $ only for USA then.

NOW iHerb has also started free shipping  over 40 $ INTERNATIONALLY. YAY!!

You will receive $10 off on your 1st order of $40 & up, or $5 off on smaller orders, when using your code: FZS607
Or you can also use my custom link if you want to with the code in it HERE

They have a lot of stuff ranging from beauty, grocery, supplements, etc, but I mainly used the website for buying Real Techniques brushes because they are available at a ridiculous price at Priceline n I really wanted to try them. Hope you avail the voucher if you wanna shop something from the website. Happy shopping !!

** This is not a promotional post. Since I availed a discount of $10 on my first order, I want my readers to avail the same if they wish to shop from the mentioned website. I have the discount code mentioned in the post. It is entirely up to you to choose the custom link or not. **


  1. Thanks Saumya! I might order some Real Techniques brushes from here too then! :D

    1. glad could be of help :) thanks ..


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