Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Review - MaxFactor Lipfinity Color & Gloss in 'Illuminating Fuchsia'

I was always into lipglosses but since this blog I have totally changed my preferences to lipstick. Amongst the lipglosses I have tried I really like the Revlon Colorburst range and Max factor Lipfinity Color & Gloss. This was gifted to me and it sure was a great discovery ..Over all I love the lasting power, texture and feel of the gloss..

MaxFactor Lipfinity Color & Gloss in 'Illuminating Fuchsia'

  1. Not sticky like a lot of other glosses which attract hair all over your face.
  2. The most long lasting lip gloss I have used till now. The lip color stays on for long but the gloss disappears in a while. Stays on after food and drink as well.
  3. Has a lovely creamy texture and finish.
  4. Two in one product contains both lip color and gloss. You can wear it three ways, individually or together. 
  5. Affordable. Drug Store Product. 
  1. Has  a funny smell but does not linger.

Do you like lipglosses or are you a lipstick girl ? Which is your favorite lipgloss of all time ?

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