Monday, March 19, 2012

Review : Jessica Simpson Fancy Love

Fancy Love by Jessica Simpson

I first tried this perfume when I first got it's sample as a GWP from Priceline and I intantly fell in love. I also mentioned this in my wishlist in previous post of perfume collection

I have somehow never tried any celebrity fragrances before. I liked 'Fancy Love' so much that I had to get it. Coming to the fragrance, it is a clean, sexy and subtle fragrance. A fragrance that is perfect for everyday. 

It pretty much lasts all day and the best part is that it is not strong. The smell is really nice and not overpowering at all :).  I do not like very strong smells as I tend to get a headache. It is a very pocket friendly perfume. Some good points summarized : 
  • Fragrance is really fresh n clean 
  • Pretty Packaging
  • Great value for money 100 ml - 29 $ (Originally for 59$, usually at discount@ Priceline)
  • Lasts long but is not strong (6hrs)
The only negative that I felt was that some people might find the smell a bit light, but that works well for me. 

Fragrance Notes: peach blossom, goji leaf, jasmine, blush champagne, lotus blossom, plumeria, rose, creamy amber, musk, patchouli, bergamot, peony, blonde woods . 

Perfume notes taken from the site

Have you tried any celebrity perfumes ? What do you think of them ? Which is your favorite Celebrity fragrance 


  1. I have heard so much about this perfume. Thanks for the review. Would love to try it sometime

  2. My favourite celebrity fragrance is Lovely by SJP. It's a powdery floral (I think).

  3. @indianmakeupways : you are most welcome :)
    @Vita : yup have heard a lot about Lovely, would wanna try it soon ..


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