Saturday, October 1, 2011

NOTD - Maybelline Mini Colorama in Bublicious

Ahhh, I love colors, I love bright nails, I love colorful funky eye shadows, I love colorful clothes n even shoes but someow, I cannot manage to get myself, to wear a bright lip...pheww ..chicken me .. :(

Well I guess I am digressing from today's post, I have a NOTD from Maybelline Mini Coloroma range in Bublicious . This is a very pretty pink shade. I feel this color glamourizes my nails and instantly cheers me up. This shade is a total winner, atleast I can be happy with the color on my nails in the time being :).

Maybelline Mini Colorama in Bublicious


Also check out the BFF I got along with it in Electric Blue here . Do you like bright colors on your digits or you prefer your neutrals/pastels ?


  1. wow saumya.. very very pretty color.. and of course is my fav!!! :D do checkout my giveaway... :)

  2. thanks a lot suma :) yes u are throwing one generous giveaway .. I will enter soon :)


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