Monday, January 18, 2016

Review - MAC Impassioned !

Today we are talking about this stunner MAC shade, Impassioned. 

Impassioned is a super bright pinky coral shade leaning almost a bit neonish but doesn't translate neon on the lips. 
Its a gorgeous shade which will suit most skin tones both cool and warm in my opinion. Its a perfect spring summer shade. Its good both for day and night if you are comfortable wearing bright shades.

Its an amplified finish by MAC and feels comfortable and applies smoothly on the lips. It lasts for 4-5 hours on me and leaves a pretty stain behind.


The one problem I find is that it is not very forgiving on the lips and can accentuate the fine lines and dryness of the lips. It also has a tendency to settle into the lines. It is best to exfoliate your lips well before using this shade. 

I love this shade, its a perfect bright summer shade for me. If you like MAC lipsticks and bright lipsticks, I would definitely recommend trying this.

Have you tried Impassioned ? Do you like it ? Which is your favorite MAC lipstick ?


  1. I haven't tried Impassioned. I think it was on my MAC's wishlist when I first started looking into the brand, but sadly, wishlist never became reality, haha. However, like you, I do find MAC lippies to be drying in general. Goes hand in hand with their long-lasting promises, but it's still really annoying!

    I still don't have a fave MAC lippy, although I do own a few, haha =)

    1. I love all the ones I own, though I definitely don't think that they are the best formula out there, though I love the smell of MAC lipsticks, so good :)

  2. I definitely need some more MAC lipsticks in my life, as I only have 3 I think! Love this bright shade, pity it accentuates lines though.


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