Monday, October 5, 2015

3 Beautifully Shot Get Ready With Me (GRWM) videos !

I cannot even explain how much I love watching Get Ready with Me videos on youtube. If you think about it, it can seem bit of a stupid concept, watching someone get ready, but for me they are an absolute joy to watch and definitely one of of my favorite type of beauty videos to watch. 

They just seem so relaxing and especially the girls are leaving no end in filming, so in today's post I am sharing with you 3 beautifully shot GRWM videos that I thoroughly enjoyed watching. 

Birthday Get Ready With Me / JessicaBeautician

I started watching Jessica recently when she did a month of vlogs and I was hooked. She shared a lot of healthy vegan recipes in her vlogs which I really enjoyed even though I am not vegan, they were very inspiring ! She recently uploaded her Birthday Get Ready with me which was lovely. I love her filming style and the flow she has in her GRWM or vlogs. 

The Date Night Get Ready with Me / ICovetthee

When you click on a video and then you keep clicking on it again and again, thats exactly what this gorgeously shot Date Night GRWM video did to me. I love Alix's videos in general, her vlogs are always shot beautifully but this was just wowza ! I love the filming, the details, the music and the red details. Its breathtaking, you have to see it to understand what I am talking about. How gorgeous Alix is looking ? 

A Day in the City Get Ready With Me / Hello October

This is a recent video by Suzie. I loved the filiming, the editing and the details in the video. This is again one video I have watched a couple of times. I loved the part in the train and the part shot in the city. Well, yay I am crazy like that. 

Do you like GRWM videos ? Share your favorite below. 


  1. These are also such gorgeous videos! My favorite youtube star is nicole guerriero :)


    1. I don't follow her, thanks for the recommendation, will check her out


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