Thursday, August 27, 2015

5 Basic Hair Products/Tools that you need !

I used to consider myself a pretty low maintenance person when it came to haircare, well, in comparison to makeup I guess I still am. Recently I have noticed that there are some products that I just cannot do without and in my opinion are some basic haircare products/tools that everyone should own.

Hair Oil
There was a time when I was scared to use hair oil or serums as my hair tends to get oily too soon but once I started using them my hair game changed completely. I love hair oils and use them as a leave in conditioner when my hair is damp. They act as a detangler, treatment and shine treatment and leave your hair feeling soft, smooth and feeling nourished. A hair oil that I have been trying and loving is Bhave Riot Control Oil*, it contains organic Argan oil and Vitamin E. I love the subtle smell it has and it makes my hair frizz free, smooth and shiny. I also love that it is free from parabens, sulphates and sodium chloride and so is better for my hair. I focus this on the ends of my hair.

Hair Mist
I don't use hair oil on the top of my hair till my ear as it can get a bit too much and leave my hair looking oily, that is where I prefer using a hair mist as it is lighter. I have been really enjoying this Schwarzkopf Ultimate Oil Elixir Serum. I spritz this into my palms and spread this onto my hair and it get rids of any flyaways or frizz on the top part of your hair. 

Wide Tooth Comb
I cannot recommend a wide tooth comb enough. I got mine from Priceline. I keep one in my shower and one on my dresser. You hair is the weakest when its wet and you should not use normal brushes on wet hair.

Heat Protective Spray 
For the longest time I used to completely ignore a heat protector and considering I blow dry my hair nearly every time I wash it, it kind of gets important. I seriously have noticed a difference in my hair since using a protector. I don't think it looks as dry or damaged considering I blow dry and straighten my hair quite a bit. My favorite one is from Tresemme.

Good Quality Flat Iron
I use my flat iron a lot and thats why I invested in a GHD. I think better quality tools are just better for the health of your hair. Also you can use a straightener to curl your hair too, so it kind of pays off (though I still cannot seem to perfect it).

So there you have it, my must have hair products/tools. Which are your must have hair products/tools ?

*This product was provided for consideration. However, I am not being paid for this post. My reviews and opinions are always honest. 


  1. Great advice & selection of tools/products, Saumya!
    I agree how a good-quality iron is so important!
    I can't live without my detangling spray :)
    xox Nadia

  2. Thanks Nadia, glad you liked it. I just can't do without my Ghd.

  3. Liked your post. Bhave is on my definite buy list :)

    Schwarzkopf Ultimate Oil Elixir didn't work for me. I felt it made my hair stiff and textured, probably also because I was using it more like a heat protective oil, spraying all over my hair before styling.

    Good job girl! keep rocking \nn/

    1. Thank you Salma :)
      I think the Schwarzkopf oil works best on damp hair and if you use it moderately. I also dont apply it directly to my hair, but on my palms and then my hair


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