Wednesday, March 18, 2015

On the go Nail Polish removal - Sportsgirl Remove It ! Nail Polish Remover wipes

There are various ways to remove your nail polish these days starting from the traditional bottle and cotton pad, to the super cool sponge soaked with remover, to wipes and more.

I have been really digging the nail polish remover wipes simply because they are so convenient.

These are essentially like makeup remover wipes but for your nails :)

These are so handy to keep with you whilst travelling or even in your makeup bag. These are perfect for the days when you have chipped nail polish and don't have time to fix it .. You can remove your polish when you are on the go, in the train or bus.

I love the feel of these wipes too, they are oil based so aren't drying at all.

One negative point is that it can get a bit messy if you are trying to remove bright nail polishes as they can get all over your hands, but that can be wiped with a clean one.

Overall I am very happy with this portable option :)

This was around 5 AUD from Sportsgirl. But I have seen these in Kmart as well. Manicare also do them.

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