Sunday, February 1, 2015

Ways to use Nude Eyeliner (Readers Contributed !)

Its no secret that nude eyeliner did not work for me. I did a post about it and a lot of you suggested different ways I could use it.

So, in today's post I share with you different Ways to use a Nude eyeliner and most of it contributed by you !

  • As a waterline eyeliner to make your eyes awake - Well this is the main use of this eyeliner. A white or a nude eyeliner tends to open eyes and makes you look more awake as opposed to a black which tends to close eyes. 
  • As an eye shadow base - You can depot it and use it as a base or even in the pencil form you can use this as a base to even out the eyelid area and to make the shadows pop.
  • As an inner corner highlight - Inner corner highlight is another way to open up eyes, to give you the bright eyed effect. A nude or a champagne eyeliner seems to do the trick.
  • As a brow highlight - This is how I have been using my nude eyeliner. I draw a line and then smudge it below my brows to highlight the arch. 
  • As a highlight for cupid's bow - You can see its all about highlighting :). Nude eyeliner can be used just to highlight your cupid's bow just as you would use a lighter concealer or highlighter.
  • Eye shadow corrector - If the color matches your skin tone, you can use this to correct any mascara smudges on your lid or eyeliner mistakes .. just as you would use a q tip with makeup remover.

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    What is your favorite way to use a nude eyeliner ?

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