Thursday, January 15, 2015

Review - Revlon Skinny Liquid Liners Green Spark and Electric Blue

All the companies are coming with their versions of skinny/fine liners to allow for an easy, precise liner application. I am a fan of the Maybelline Master Precise Liner and while I have tried a lot of black liquid liners, I was really lacking in the colored department. I bought the Revlon Skinny Liquid Liners in Green Spark and Electric Blue a while back and have been really enjoying them lately.

What the company says 
  • A liquid liner so skinny, it makes bold colour mistake-proof
  • All day wear with non-stop impact
  • Available in 4 pigment-rich shades
  • Get the skinny on dramatic colour

I didn't intend to, but managed to performance test these liners. I was away on short trip with friends to Blue mountains and something went in my eyes. I went all out, rubbing and splashing water on my eyes and guess what, I was completely eyeliner less :). I wasn't expecting miracles considering I rubbed my eyes like a freak.

Swatches and smudged out with fingers

The Good
  • Easy to apply
  • Excellent pigmentation 
  • Fine tip allows precise application
  • Good if you are a winged eyeliner fan 
  • Does stay put on me for 8 - 10 hours

The Bad
  • Only available in 4 colors 
  • Not waterproof (they don't claim to be)
  • Not totally smudge proof 

The Price 
25.95 AUD

Where to Buy 
Priceline, Kmart, etc.  

If you are looking for colored fine liquid eyeliner, give these a shot. Not the best out there in terms of staying power but definitely worth a try. Overall I am really enjoying these.


  1. these and the sephora liners are really a complete waste :(

    1. Ha Ha Beena, I havent' tried the Sephora ones yet.

      I like the Revlon ones and really find the application very easy and nice. The biggest drawaback is the staying power which is not such a big deal for me. Do you have any good colored liquid eyeliner recommendations? I am looking to add some in my collection ;)


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