Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Review - Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Paradise Pink 016

A while back there was 40% off at Revlon in Priceline and I took it as an opportunity to try out the Super Lustrous lipsticks. I have heard so much about these lipsticks. I picked up the sahde 'Paradise Pink 016', it is a matte formula. 

Revlon Paradise Pink is no where close to being pink, but is a reddish orange color. Its a perfect bright color for summers.

Paradise Pink is the only lipstick I have tried in this range. The color shows opaque in one swipe. The lipstick feels nice and creamy when first applied and gradually turns to a matte finish. It is a matte finish but does not feel painfully drying on the lips. The packaging is fairly okay. The lipstick stays for 4-5 hours. This range is affordable and easily available and has lots of shades on offer. 

I love this shade, it is good to add a pop of color. It would suit most olive skin tones in my opinion. Overall, its a great lipstick, I will try some other shades (will wait for the sale, though !)

If you are in the market for a bright lipstick, swatch this next time you are at Priceline.

AUD 21.95 

Have you tried this shade ? Do you like it ?


  1. This one is such a shocking orange!

    1. ha ha, but its still wearble, doesn't lean towards neonish (though looks a bit in the swatch)..

  2. perfect shade of orange!

  3. yeah, isn't it, perfect for summers :), thanks for visiting the blog.


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