Friday, September 26, 2014

The Liner Story !

It is no secret that I love eyeliner, I have often mentioned that on the blog. Whenever I want to do a quick eye look, I always apply a colored eyeliner. In today's post I feature some different type of eyeliners that I have used. 

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1. Eye Pencils
Eye pencils are one of my favorite type of eye liners. In my opinion they are the easiest for beginners. They are easy to apply, you don't need to be that precise with them. You can also wear them smoked out. Before venturing into the liquid eyeliner territory, eye pencils were my go to.  

2. Eye Pens
I have really been enjoying the Maybelline Master Precise eye liner currently. Liquid eyeliners in form of pens are easier as compared to the typical, traditional liquid eyeliners. The only negative with them is that they can dry out faster. 

3. Traditional Liquid Eye Liners
 Liquid eyeliners with brush tips are considered as probably the most difficult and tricky to use. But, for me I particularly enjoy brush tips over the stiff felt tips. When I shifted from pencil to liquid, I found them okay to work with.

4. Gel Eye Liners
I am not a big fan of gel eyeliners in a pot form. I was very excited to try them as I had heard that they are very easy to apply. I don't find them particularly easy for an eyeliner newbie. Also I think they take longer to apply and I don't tend to use them that much.

5. Retractable Eye Pencils
 These are just regular eye pencils with the convenience that you don't have to sharpen them. Somehow I don't like these as much as the old school pencils that need sharpening. I have tried a few so far but I don't find them as pigmented as the eye pencils that you have to sharpen. Also these are not as hygienic as the ones that need sharpening.

Which eyeliner type is your favorite ? Any recommendations ?

Please note there are many other types of eyeliners available. I am just featuring the different types that I have tried.

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