Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ways to use Coconut Oil - Beauty

Coconut Oil is quite a rage these days in health and beauty. In today's post I will be sharing different "Ways to use Coconut Oil".

 Growing up in India, coconut oil was one of the most commonly used hair oils. When I think of coconut oil, I always remember the bright blue bottle from "Parachute". Parachute, is a brand by Marico almost synonymous with coconut oil :) (At least in India IMO). Coconut/Coconut Oil is also used a lot in cooking in some parts of India, however I still haven't ventured in that yet.

Without further ado, let's get on with 'Ways to use Coconut Oil'
  • Eye Makeup Remover - Take some coconut oil on tips of your fingers and massage it over your eyes. Its a fantastic, affordable and easy way to get rid of waterproof makeup.
  • Hair Oil - I massage it onto my scalp and hair and leave it through the day (or sometimes overnight). Coconut Oil nourishes your hair, is good for hair growth and dandruff.
  • Hair Conditioner  - I apply coconut oil on my hair ends and leave it for a couple of hours and wash as usual. Leaves your hair feeling soft and smooth.
  • Body lotion - You can use it as a body lotion in winters.
  • Coffee Body scrub - Mix coffee/coffee ground, sugar and coconut oil and viola you have a DIY body scrub.
  • Body Salt Scrub - Mix Salt, coconut oil and any other essential oil of your choice and you have a body salt scrub.
  • Lip balm - You can apply it as a lip balm
  • Lip scrub - Coconut Oil + Sugar makes for a good lip scrub
  • Cuticle cream - Coconut oil acts as a fantastic cuticle cream or nail cream.
  • Bath oil - A couple of drops in your bath and you can have an awesome, moisturizing bath
  • Shaving cream - I am huge fan of Lush's Ambrosia shaving cream. Coconut Oil can be used a shaving cream too for a deep shave.
  • Clean makeup brushes - I use EVOO for cleaning my eyeliner/lipstick makeup brushes but coconut oil can be used as well.

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What are the different ways you use coconut oil ?


  1. Great post!

    I've been having issues with a dry, flaky scalp (damn winter!), and I never thought of massaging some coconut oil on it! Thank youuu! haha Doing that tonight, for sure. x

    1. Am waiting for summers already :) Coconut Oil should be good for dry skin :)


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