Monday, August 4, 2014

My favorite stores to shop and some Tips

Its no secret that I love to shop and shop not only makeup but other material things too .. In today's post I will be sharing some of my favorite stores to shop at and what I shop from them .. In the end I will also share some tips stay tuned and continue reading ..

Well, what can I say I love Target. I shop a lot from target from clothing, shoes, bedding, kitchen, homeware, organizing stuff, cosmetics, skincare  etc. I am a huge fan of Target clothing. I usually get great deals in sale and clearance. You may think Target is cheap price wise but it isn't (atleast not in Australia), so I shop mostly in sale. I also look at clearance items and you can find a good deal there .. Home stuff I buy from target when they have a 40 % off which they do quite often .. I love their decor stuff too..  

Portmans is one of my favorite brands. I love their collection of dresses. I have bought dresses, belts and blazers from them and I love their fit. Well everything at Portmans is really nice, if you can afford it (again Sale is your best friend). Here is a pic below of a Portmans blazer.

Jacqui e
I haven't bought much from Jacquie .. But I have two dresses that fit really well .. I would recommend Jacquie for work wear. Here is one of the pics of me wearing a Jacquie dress. 

I love Dotti for knits and tops.

I love Kmart for shoes.. They have insane variety of flats and they are pretty decent quality for the price. 
I also buy stockings from Kmart.
Forever New
Clothing not much of a success for me, but I shop mainly jewelry, bags and belts from Forever New. 

Sports girl
Bags, jewellery, nail polishes and random bits.
I buy shoes from the below stores
  • Rubi shoes 
  • Direct Shoe Warehouse
  • Novo Shoes
  • Sportsgirl
  • Kmart

Shopping Tips !
  • Always buy on sale unless you are desperate or really really love something.
  • Buy only what you love and you are very sure about other wise it will just keep sitting in your wardrobe.
  • Buy when sale items are further marked down.
  • Don't forget to look at the clearance items.
  • Even though I am a big advocate of sale, its really important to remember to not buy something only because it's on sale. Remember you should need it :) or want it ;)
  • Do not immediately take the tags out unless you want to wear that piece. Go home, think about it, style it and if you are happy keep it, otherwise return it or exchange it.
  • Be subscribed to your favorite stores and this way you can be notified about the offers and sale. 
  • Set a budget and try to stick to it. 
  • Splurge on basics and save on trendy stuff. Splurge on things that you will get good use of and grab a bargain on trendy pieces. 
  • Last but not the least, well, this may not be for everyone, but I love to shop alone. I just shop better when I am alone.
Let me know in the comments below which are your favorite stores ? What are your shopping tips ?

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