Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Rapid Review - "Girls Only Dry Shampoo in Hazy Days"

I freaking love Girls Only Dry Shampoo. I have already raved about the one for Dark hair, before over HERE and why not it only costs $2 and is so damn good, what's not to love ?

Anyways, so when I was finished with my Girlz Only Dry Shampoo for Dark and Deep Brown Hair, I thought of trying a different one from Girlz Only and having read good reviews of Hazy Days, I decided on giving it a go. 

I love it, even more than the one for dark hair. This mostly comes out as clear, sometimes leaves some powdery residue on hair, but not a lot. It is very easy to blend and leaves lesser powdery residue as compared to the one for dark hair. Smells great too. 

Above is a shot comparing it with Batiste. I am comparing with Batiste as that is the only other dry shampoo I have used. Overall I am loving this dry shampoo. My current bottle is almost out and I have a backup already. 

Girls Only Dry Shampoo can be bought at Target.

Hope you like the Rapid Review. Click HERE for the previous detailed review.


  1. This sounds great! I'd never heard of this brand before xx

    1. Its a great one. I didn't know about this brand too, gotta know about it from some youtubers :)

  2. I nvr heard of this brand too
    Looks like a great stuff and not bad fr $2. Can we buy it @ priceline?

    1. Hi Varinder,

      I believe you are new to the blog ? Welcome !
      Yup worth a try for $2, nothing much to lose.

  3. This looks good...thx for sharing honey..:-)


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