Thursday, February 6, 2014

Review - The Body Shop Facial Brush

Does it happen to you, when you walk into a shop and cannot walk out without buying something ? Well that happened, when I was at The Body Shop the other day and I ended up buying this cute little brush. 

What 'The Body Shop' has to say about it :

Turn your daily cleansing up a notch with this hand-held brush. A compact exfoliating facial brush that stimulates circulation, improving skin tone and texture.
  • Enhances cleansing
  • Shaped to follow facial contours
I think it exactly does that, gives the regular cleansing an exfoliating edge. I have not used any cleansing tools before so I cannot compare this with any other tool. 

Overall I have been really enjoying this brush as this does better cleansing than just with hands. I have been using this with both face wash and scrub. The bristles of the brush are not super soft, but at the time I feel comfortable using this on my face (I have normal skin). I have not had any reaction using this brush. The brush however I feel may not be suitable for sensitive skin.

The Good
  • Turns regular cleansing up a notch
  • Makes skin smoother and cleaner 
  • Good size, works well for the face
  • Comes with a lid - Hygienic packaging
  • Affordable

The Bad
  • May be harsh for sensitive skin 
  • The bristles are not ultra soft

The Price
AUD 4.95

Where to Buy
The Body Shop

Overall I think its an affordable tool and does a great job. Would definitely recommend giving it a go, if you have normal or normal to dry skin. 


  1. I like facial brushes and scrubbier so much! This looks good! Nice review.. xo

  2. Okay that brush is just too cute. I'd like to have one just to see it everyday on my dresser lol I could also use a little extra exfoliation.


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