Monday, January 13, 2014


I love the Get Ready/Unready with me videos on Youtube and I have for you, the blog version of it today !

My Night Time Skincare Routine

Step 1 - Makeup Removal

I remove my eye makeup with 'Garnier Clean Sensitive 2 in 1 Gentle Makeup Remover'. This is my go to makeup remover. Since its oil based, it does remove all the makeup but tends to leave residue on my eyes, I then clean my eyes with the 'Nivea Extra Gentle Eye makeup remover' which cleans any remaining makeup and takes off the greasy residue. More about these makeup removers HERE.

Step 2 - Cleansing

During nighttime, I get lazy to wash my face with a cleanser that requires rinsing. So as step 2, I clean my face using Bioderma Crealine H20 or the Sukin toner or something similar.

Step 3 - Moisturize

I then moisturize my skin. I apply an eye cream, followed by a night cream. I have been using the Origins 'A perfect World' as a night cream for may be two months now and I quite like it. I was using the Kiehl's Midnight recovery eye cream and I have recently started using the Origins GinZing eye cream.

Step 4 - Lip Treatment

2-3 times a week I scrub my lips, with the Lush lip scrub (not pictured here, sorry forgot. Review HERE). 
For lip balms, I love the Burt's  Bees lip balm. They moisturize like no other. I use the beeswax lip balm at night time. I love the minty tingling feeling of this balm. 

What are your favorite night time products ? Any recommendations ?

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