Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Styling - Prints and Patterns

I has some requests for doing the outfit posts and here I am with three outfits today. I do really struggle with outfit pics but I am going ahead with what I have. 
This post shows how I style prints and patterns. A printed dress, a printed blouse and a patterned blouse (with cut-work pattern around the neck) are the pieces I am styling the outfits around.

Outfit 1
Printed Dress - Target 
Cardigan - Target
Pearl Necklace - Sarojini Market, Delhi
Watch - Michael Kors

Outfit 2
Printed Blouse - Allen Solly
Purple Corduroys - Kmart
Key Necklace - Lovisa
Rings - Diva
Watch - Guess

Outfit 3
Patterned White Blouse - Sarojini Market, Delhi
Pants - Glassons
Blazer - Free Fusion, Target
Watch -Michael Kors
Diamonte Bracelet - Diva

Hope you enjoyed this OOTD post ..


  1. Really nice outfits! I love the 1st dress the most it's stunning, and the style of the last OOTD! I think the way you've done the pics are good, that's all I can do, too! xx

    1. Thanks Ashii, I love the first dress too and I bought it on sale, it was a bargain :)
      and style wise my fav would be the last one too :)

      thanks :)

  2. Yes!! please do more of the put fit ideas. Need ideas to mix and match the pieces in my collection.

    1. he he, okay will try to do more of them :)


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