Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday's Meal of the Day - Crunchy Peanut Quinoa with Shredded Coconut !

This Monday's Meal of the Day features 'Crunchy Peanut Quinoa with Shredded Coconut'.

I am always trying to make quinoa in different ways and so I was looking for Quinoa khichdi recipe on the net and found a Quinoa Sabudana Khichdi and got super excited to try it or rather eat it :). 

Khichdi for those who do not know is a dish made from rice and lentils. Sabudana (Pearl Sago/tapioca) khichdi is a popular Indian breakfast recipe. 

Today's recipe is inspired by the super yummy dish Sabudana Khichdi, only difference  being, we are using quinoa instead of sabudana (tapioca). 

This is a very quick recipe for me as I usually have cooked quinoa in my fridge. I used this recipe from Vegetable Platter, modified it to suit the ingredients from my kicthen. 

I did not use potato and used desiccated coconut instead of a fresh one. 

Do you like quinoa ? What is your favorite way to eat quinoa ?

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