Tuesday, October 29, 2013

LUSH's boozy treats for the festive season


Boozy treats for the festive season

Here at Lush, we love to celebrate the festive season with a few drinks… in our products! The below limited-edition Christmas treats are inspired by delicious festive drinks and some even include boozy ingredients within them like cognac and vodka. These products smell great and pack an extra punch to help you get ready to party, plus they won’t give you a hangover!

All of these items are available in Lush stores nationally and online at LUSH.COM.AU until stocks last or until December 26th 2013.

Description: Description: Celebrate hand and body lotion LUSH**NEW!** Celebrate hand and body lotion ($28.95) … Bottoms Up!
Celebrate the festive season with this beautiful unpreserved hand and body lotion.  Rich and wonderfully emollient, the cocoa butter and almond oil will replenish and moisturise your skin, while the intoxicating cocktail inspired fragrance uplifts your spirits.  Brazilian orange oil and lime oil tones the skin and lifts you out of the winter blues while cognac oil gets you into the party mood.  Vegan

Description: Description: Description: Bombardino bath ballistic LUSH**NEW!** Bombardino bath ballistic ($5.50) … Alpine Indulgence
Bombardino shares its name with a drink enjoyed in the Italian Alps and smells of rich lemon cheesecake.  We’ve added cocoa butter to soften the skin; whilst Sicilian lemon oil and Fair Trade vanilla absolute (the first Fair Trade absolute in the world!) give your bath a sweet and delicious fragrance.

Description: Description: Mr Punch soap2 LUSHMr Punch soap ($5.90 for 100g) … A Slice of Summer
This soap certainly packs a punch with a concoction of fruity essential oils – there’s cleansing juniperberry oil, blackcurrant absolute, uplifting lime oil and softening coconut oil … there’s even a dash of gin in there to help tone the skin, well it does look a bit like a punch bowl after all, there’s whole bits of fruit in there and everything!  Vegan

Description: Description: Bûche de Noël facial cleanser LUSHBûche de Noël fresh cleanser ($15.95 for 100g) … Gentle and Nourishing
This cleansing roll is food for your face, containing lots of softening and nourishing ingredients to care for any skin type.  With ground almonds to gently exfoliate the skin; dried cranberries and fresh satsumas to tone and brighten; nutritious almond oil to soften; and a splash of brandy for festive cheer!  Helps lock in moisture and keep skin soft.  Wrapped in a sheet of nori seaweed, it resembles a festive Yule Log.   Vegan

Description: Description: Ponche shower gel LUSH
Ponche shower gel (prices start at $7.95 for 100g)Tequila at Sunrise
Spanish for punch, this shower gel is inspired by the Mexican fruit punch made from seasonal fruits such as plums, oranges, cinnamon and vanilla.  All ingredients that can help warm and stimulate the senses.  Wash your hair and body with this fruity, softening shower gel and lift your spirits and get into party mode - there’s even a dash of tequila to give it a little kick and add some festive cheer!

Description: Description: Golden Wonder bath ballistic LUSHGolden Wonder bath ballistic  ($7.50) … A Wonder to Behold
Drop this gold dusted gift into a warm bath and watch in wonder as golden stars burst out, dissolving in the water before your very eyes, turning the bath water a vibrant blue. The champagne-like fragrance of sweet orange oil, cognac oil and lime oil will uplift your spirits.  Vegan

Are you excited about the Lush Festive season collection ?


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