Friday, October 25, 2013

Fragrance Fridays - Lush 'Big'

TGIF !! It is Fragrance Fridays time. 

If you missed the previous Fragrance Friday and are wondering what it is, it is a new section on my blog, click HERE to see the previous Fragrance Friday featuring Lush Mint Julips lip scrub. 

I was never much into Lush, but in case you are wondering, YES, I am having a big LUSH moment ..and I really looking forward to haul soon ..

Anyways, coming to today's post, this Friday features Lush 'Big' Sea Salt Shampoo.

This shampoo is freaking different and AHHH I am in love with it ..I am in love with the smell, to the extent that I keep smelling my hair after using it ..I am not sure how to describe the smell, but it is a very fresh and has a hint of citrus notes. I want to keep using it as I love the fragrance so much.

It is different as it comes in a tub and feels like putting big chunks of salt on your hair, which I for one find very interesting. The texture is gritty and I would not recommend it as a regular shampoo, as it can be a bit drying. 

I use it once a week. It cleans up the hair well. I do not notice it making my hair BIG as it claims, but makes my hair all fluffy and nice and gives them some added volume over regular shampoos. 

Have you tried BIG ?


  1. I'm so tempted by this shampoo as I haven't heard any crappy things about it other than it doesn't make your hair super volumized like you said. I just think it's such an interesting concept that I need try at least one tub of it :P

    Sarah | More Than Adored

    1. Yes, i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee the concept of the shampoo and get excited to use it every time..

  2. Thanks for the share.. I would love to try it then

    1. Yes, give it a go :) Hope you like it..


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