Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Empties #7 - Products I have used up

Time for another set of Empties !!

  • Beautycare Facial wipes - These Kmart wipes have been featured in my previous empties as well, they are cheap and do the job very well. Will definitely repurchase. 
  • Bore Deep Cleaning Strips - This is a necessity product. I keep repurchasing this. 
  • The Body Shop Shea Body Butter - I love the creamy and nutty smell of this body butter. I also like the small tub as they are so convenient to carry. Will repurchase probably, though not immediately.  
  • Dove soap - I use this soap a lot, feels nice and creamy and does not leave the skin feeling dry. I keep repurchasing this. 
  • Nivea for Men Deo - This is also a regular repurchase for the husband. 
  • Palmolive Naturals Shower Milk (Milk and Honey) - This is a very good shower gel and smells gorgeous. I have used it so much in the past that I have got sick of it and don't intend to buy it any more in the near future. 

  • Magic Shave Gel - This is my second bottle. I buy this from Coles. Its a good shaving gel. A bit reasonable than the others out there in the market. Not planning to repurchase this in the near future as these days I am using conditioner to shave. 
  • Loreal EverStrong Bodify Shampoo - I loved this shampoo. It left my hair feeling clean and soft. The smell is wow too. I definitely want to try other shampoos from this range. 

What did you bin recently ?


  1. conditioner for shaving ???
    and from where can we get Bore Deep Cleaning Strips ?? any online site?

    1. Yes I heard it on youtube and I tried :) I feel it shaves better over regular shaving creams ..
      Biore is available in Australia in any drugstores ..

  2. I adore those biore strips, they are such a staple!


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