Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday's Meal of the Day - My top 5 Healthy Snacks !

Monday's Meal of the Day has recently been overtaken by my love for nail polish. If you are a regular reader of my blog you must have noticed Manicure Monday's posts recently. 

So, we are taking a break from Manicure Monday and bring to you today, 'Monday's Meal of the Day - MOTD' - My Top 5 Healthy Snacks. Enjoy :)

Nestle Soleil Diet Yogurt 
Less sugar as compared to a lot of other yogurts. 
Tastes yumm.. my favorite is the strawberry and the passionfruit flavor. 
Easily available at most stores. 

Chic Nuts Roasted Chickpeas
I love chickpeas. I absolutely love this. Roasted, crunchy, mouth watering goodness. 
Available at selected Woolworths

Roasted mix Nuts 
Nuts make for a nutritious snack, however eat in moderation. I like to snack on the roasted unsalted ones. 

I really like Pepita seeds, sunflower seeds not that much, so I try to mix both and have them . 
These seeds are a good source of Vitamin E, fiber and antioxidants

Out of all the berries, blueberries is my favorite. Blueberries is known as the 'Brain' food. Its full of anti-oxidants, know for cholesterol lowering, cancer fighting, anti-aging, anti-diabetes properties.

What are your favorite healthy snacks ?


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