Monday, July 15, 2013

Manicure Monday - Essence Sneezy and Sportsgirl Bossy Boots

I have been recently obsessed with nail polish and so will u have noticed from my recent Manicure Monday posts.I am hopeless when it comes to nail art stuff, and am gradually trying to experiment a bit and try the easy ones :) 
So this is, what I was sporting last week and was quite happy with how it turned out :) Not sure though what this mani is called, its probably a twist on the French Manicure. 

I wore Essence 'Sneezy' from the limited edition Snow White collection, as my base color and did the 'V' with Sportsgirl 'Bossy Boots'.

Sneezy, is a gorgeous brown color, though it does not look that good on my skin tone. Bossy Boots is a fave, its a bluish purple color, featured here and here before.

Hope you liked the manicure. BTW, I am obsessed with knuckle rings, in case you are curious, these are from Diva.


  1. wow this looks so good , u have done it so nearly and yr ring ... Fab !!

  2. Bossy Boots looks amazing on you, what a great mani!

    1. thanks Emma, I love the color :) Sportsgirl nail polishes are great

  3. Wow! The mani is really lovely!

  4. love the mani, love the rings more :D


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