Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Racinne Skincare Australian Launch

I was invited to the Australian Media launch of the new skincare range by Racinne.

The event introduced to us the two new ranges,'Ultimate Aqua Blanc Series' and 'Ultimate Hydra Perfection Series'. 

There was a presentation and demo by RACINNE Business Development Manager, Jennifer Gerace. She took us through the brand journey and also educated us on the advanced biotechnology formula, known as ‘Callus Cultivation Technology’. 

Here are some pics from the event (courtsey: Zing Australia).

Images courtsey: Zing Australia

Ultimate Aqua Blanc Series
Images courtsey: Zing Australia

Ultimate Hydra Perfection Series
Images courtsey: Zing Australia

I was impressed by an apple test demo by Jennifer. She applied the 'Aqua Blanc Tonic' from Aqua Range on half of the apple and left the other half as is. As you can see in the pictures below (by yours truly) the one without the 'Aqua Blanc Tonic' is all brown and withered and the other looks fresh. 

Lovely Jennifer Gerace

Left - Bare Apple and Right with the Aqua Blanc Tonic

We were given a goody bag with the products from both the Aqua and the Hydra range. I am excited to try the products. More information on Racinne can be found on their website. You can buy the products from their website.
Thanks to Hannah and Frances from Zing Australia for having me. It was lovely catching up with some of the fabulous fellow bloggers.  

PS note, I have not tried any of these products yet and cannot give my personal opinions as of now. Will keep you posted as and on I review them. Will do proper reviews later.


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