Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday's Meal of the Day (MOTD) - Quick n Easy Saute Chickpeas

Eating Indian food all my life, I find it very difficult to make my diet carb-free.. Roti is a staple in our diet and I feel totally satisfied after having a hearty homemade meal of a curry and wholemeal rotis ..

But this Monday's Meal of the Day (MOTD) is all about how I try my best to skip carbs atleast some days from my diet .. So presenting to you nothing fancy but yummy, a quick n easy meal - Saute Chickpeas

Boiled Chickpeas (I soaked them overnight and then boiled them), red chilli powder, chole masala, amchur (dried mango powder), salt, oil, cumin seeds (jeera)
How to 
Add 1 teaspoon oil in a pan, heat it and add cumin seeds, add Chickpeas to the tempering and then add all the spices ..Saute for a while until you are done ..this adds a nice flavour to chickpeas and tastes yum ...

What is your go to quick n easy meal  ?

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