Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Makeup Brushes I use

I had no makeup brushes two years back, I didn't even know that brushes were required for makeup ;D. Since moving to Sydney, my love for makeup along with my makeup/brush collection has expanded to some extent ..Today's post highlights which brushes I use and for what ..

I am not really a foundation person. I only wear foundations for special occasions. I sometimes apply it with my fingers or sometimes I use Sigma F86. Same for the BB cream, I like to blend in with F86 or sometime just with my trusty old fingers. IMO, applying with fingers is the fastest.

I enjoy wearing Loreal mineral powder foundation and Australis Fresh and Flawless pressed powder. For both,  mineral powder and face powders, I use Models Prefer MPP 100 (This is a local brand available exclusively at Priceline). This is a lovely soft fluffy brush, also works perfectly for buffing in liquid foundation.

Eco Tools blush brush also reviewed here, is the brush I use for powder blushes. For cream blushes I use F86 (in the first pic) by Sigma since it is good at picking up cream products.

I usually apply n blend in my concealer with my fingers and then powder over it with Models Prefer MPP 100. Sometimes I also like to apply powder with smaller fluffy brushes like Sigma E40 (in pic 5).


I contour very less, but when I do, I use this no name brush from Coastal scents. Its a small tapered brush which is perfect for contouring and then I blend it with any bigger brush.

I usually apply lipsticks directly from the tube, even the bold and brighter ones, but just in case If i need to use  a brush, I keep a Sigma L05 (which I haven't used even once btw)

For eyeshadow, I mainly use the Australis eyeshadow brush, MAC 217, Sigma E25 & E40. I absolutely love MAC 217 and  Sigma 
E40. I prefer using the fluffy brushes for application as compared to the typical flat shadow brushes.

For eyeliner, I like to use Sigma E05 or even the brushes that come with the Maybelline gel liner. Those brushes work just as well. 

Which are your favorite brushes ?

**This does not include the Real Techniques brushes I just bought, as I am just getting into using them. I will probably do an updated post later in time**


  1. I have nt yet promoted myself for d sigma brushes :P Mayb once I start working :) Which blush is tat?? And the eyeshadow palette is too faced kya??

    1. Its an Australis palette and Sportsgirl eye palette ..

  2. Mac & Sigma have best brushes.I luv each brush i own from these brands.

  3. Great post! I loove my Real Technique brushes, especially the blush brush (I use it for bronzer), the contour brush which I use for blush & the setting brush. As well as my MAC 217 which I could not live without & my sigma contour brush. x

    1. thanks Ashii, glad u liked it loving RT brushes too .. but I dont have a lot of brushes u mentioned and am so tempted now ..

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