Friday, November 2, 2012

Loving Now - Edgy Rings, Neon & Some Browns !!

Loving this Edgy Statement spiral gold ring from Diva (bought at sale for 5$)..

Loving this DIY Neon Necklace. If you missed my previous DIY Neon Necklace post, check it out HERE. Am loving wearing this necklace at the moment, with the neon trend being so in, this is just a perfect piece to style any outfit ..

Loving these browns for everyday ..Loving Maybelline gel eyeliner in Brown, because I have finally found a way to wear it, while it actually shows on my eyes :) he he .. Check the Coral EOTD HERE with brown eyeliner. 

Absolutely in love with MAC 'Indianwood' paint pot, its a beautiful golden brown shade, perfect for everyday, easy n quick application with fingers .. dress it up with a brown/black eyeliner for everyday or colorful eyeliner for going out ..

What have you been loving lately ?


  1. Replies
    1. Thank u so much sweetie, hope you checked the DIY post so you can make yourself one too when you have some time on your hands :)

  2. First things,We are very easy to gold ring and Neon Necklace.


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