Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Review - EcoTools Brushes - The Good, Bad & The Okay

I will not say I have a lot of brushes but I do have a good range of bushes according to my needs and also from diverse range of brands. Today I will be reviewing some EcoTools brushes I have used. 
Eye Brush Set

  1. EcoTools Brushes Eye set ($20.99)  - I love this set as I find it extremely travel friendly as it also comes with a perfect brush roll. I find this brush set to cover all my needs. The reason I love this kit is that all the brushes are multipurpose so its very good value for money. This falls under the category 'GOOD'
    1. Blend: This is a very big brush. Some how I do not think it can be used for blending at all. Its a bit big for a regular shader brush but I think it can still be used for a quick wash of color on the lids. This is also a good brush for powdering your under eye area after you have applied concealer. This could also be good if you want to highlight precisely below your brow bone as this has a pointy tip.
    2. Highlight: This is a perfect brush for BLENDING because it's similar shape as all the blending brushes.  But apart from that this can easily be used for highlight and overall lid color as well. If you like using your 217 or similar brushes for a quick over all lid color then you would probably like this one too. 
    3. Crease: I personally like this as  crease brush because it has an angular shape. You may not like it if you are too used to your regular fluffy blending brushes. I find this a good brush to place color on the crease as well as to blend color on the crease.  
    4. Shade:  This is a very very small brush for a shading brush and it will probably take you ages to pack color on the lid. I find it good to apply eyeshadow on the lower lash line or its perfect for smudging as well. Also one distinctive use I have found for this brush is, it is perfect for those palettes that come in thin stripes and you face difficulty to pack color with a regular shader brush as its too big for it.
    5. Smudge: This brush is good for smudging and I personally like to use it for highlighting my tear-duct area.
      Face Brush Set

  2. EcoTools 5 piece Brush set ($34.99) - I bought this set as I wanted to buy a concealer brush, a blush brush and brow/lash groomer. This brush set serves the purpose but is nothing exceptional. This falls under the category 'OKAY'. If you are in need for good quality affordable  brushes, then you can definitely pick up these.
    1. Blush: This is my favorite of the lot and this is the only brush that I use for applying my blush. This works well for me as it picks up the right product and blends well. I use this for powder blushes and Sigma F84 for creme blushes.  But this brush can be used for powdering as well. 
    2. Concealer: This brush did not work well for me. I believe something like Real Techniques dome shaped eyeshadow brush would be ideal for me for concealer. But this brush can be used like a regular shadow brush.
    3. Eye shading: This brush is also okay, nothing great. Sometimes I find it difficult to pick up color with this brush. Over all I find myself reaching the least for the concealer and the shadow brush.
    4. Angled eyeliner: This brush also serves the purpose and is good for filling in your brows or lining your eyes. 
    5. Lash comber/brow groomer: I use this like a regular lash comber to separate my lashes after applying mascara. The brow groomer is pretty decent too. I use this to comb my brows while trimming/grooming them. I am using this currently and I do not feel the need to look for something else.
      Foundation Brush

  3. EcoTools Foundation Brush ($10.99) -  This definitely falls into the 'BAD' category. I don't like anything about this brush. It does not blend at all. It kind of leaves the foundation streaky. I have observed that after using, the brush hair have clumped and the brush does not get back to its original shape.

    General 'PROS' of EcoTools Brushes
    • They are eco friendly 
    • They are very soft
    • They do not shed or bleed
    • They are cruelty free
    • All the brush sets usually state which brush is to be used for what, which is good for beginners
    • They come with a brush case
    • Good quality brushes at low prices 
    • They have good sturdy bamboo handles  
    • They are easily available

    In general I would say Eco Tools make good quality affordable brushes. Try picking them up on sale
    ..Hope you found this review useful.

    Have you tried any EcoTools brushes ? Do you like them ?


  1. I love their retractable kabuki brush! It lives in my makeup bag and I use it everyday to apply my pressed powder, and it's soft enough to use for blush too :)

    1. Thanks for sharing that Vita. I was thinking of picking up a retractable one for my bag n I guess I will be checking this out ..

  2. Haven't tried, but heard of them. Great review...
    Sounds great!!! :)
    Do drop by my blog sometime.
    And do follow if you like! :)

    1. Thanks Bhushavali, Yes I will surely check your blog out ..

    2. Thanks for dropping by my blog n commenting.
      Do drop by often. I'd love your visits n comments!
      Am following you too! :)

  3. Gr8 post doll :D
    xoxo <3

    1. Thanks a lot Shanaya :) and thank u for stopping by my blog ..

  4. Replies
    1. I love them too , well if not all, definitely most of them I hsve used ..

  5. yesssss ecotools brushes are some of my favorites :)))

  6. woww..u have such fine brushes! :)

    wud u like to follow each other? Let me knw! :)

    Maybe you have time to read my new post is up: Its OK to laugh sometime

    ~Boomerang Plus

  7. I have never tried any of the Ecotools range, although I've heard mostly good things about them! I'd like to try the eye brush set, I am obsessed with eye makeup. :)

    1. If you are looking for good affordable brushes, IMO EcoTools is the way to go ..Esp in Australia we do not get a lot of affordable stuff and since EcoTools comes in sets it turns out to be pocket friendly ..

  8. hey saumya..I own few brushes from ecotools and I love each of them.I have eye brush set and foundation brush..they are soft.But my absolute favourite is their retractable kabuki has a permanent place in my handbag makeup kit!
    ps:just found your lovely blog and now you have a new reader!:)

    1. Yes now I so wanna try the retractable kabuki brush .. thanks a lot for hopping on .. Welcome to my blog and hope to see you more often .. :)


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