Wednesday, August 29, 2012

August Empties #1

Hi gals,

This is my first time doing a Empties post .. I quite like the empties post cos they are short n informative as they usually contain mini reviews/repurchases .. So I decided I will also be doing My empties post as and when I have enough products to bin away..

August Empties

  1. Garnier Intensive 7 Days - This is my go to body lotion. It is light, creamy, silky and most of all fast absorbing. I have tried different types but the one that I really like is the 'Honey' one which has a adorable smell. Check the main review HERE.
  2. Nivea Visage Daily Essentials Extra Gentle Eye makeup remover - This is actually not my favorite product but still I repurchased it as soon as this bottle was over. I do not find it extra gentle nor does it remove waterproof makeup. So u say why bother ? Well let me explain so I use this as a second step in my makeup removing process :) I use 'Garnier Skin Naturals Clean Sensitive 2 in 1 Gentle Make-Up Remover' as my staple makeup remover and have used multiple bottles of it ..I remove my makeup with that and since it leaves a bit of oily residue on my face I then wipe my face with the Nivea Visage Daily Essentials Extra Gentle Eye makeup remover and it leaves my face feeling totally fresh and that is what I like about this product. It helps my face feeling back to normal again and at the same time its an extra step to take care of any makeup that has been left.
  3. Olay Complete Defence Daily UV Moisturizing Lotion - This is my go to facial moisturizer with SPF. Its an awesome product and I love it .. n will keep repurchasing it. Check the main review HERE.
  4. Loreal Excellence Serum - This is the serum that came in the Loreal Color kit which I just use before coloring my hair.
  5. Beauty Care Co wipes - These are the wipes that I always get from KMart. They are priced $2. These are no doubt very good and cheap wipes. Good for cleansing and makeup removing as well. These wipes also remove waterproof makeup ..I will keep repurchasing these.
What are some of your favorite daily used products that you keep repurchasing ?


  1. Doesn't it feel so good to finish up products esp when we are crammed with overflowing with them :D

    So enjoyed reading this one!

    1. Thank you Nivedita .. It sure feels awesome ..


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