Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Feeling Beautiful After Cancer

Guest Post by Jackie Clark

Feeling beautiful is about comfort in personal appearance. After being diagnosed with a cancer like mesothelioma or breast cancer, it becomes challenging to feel comfortable in ones own skin. Between the cancer prognosis and the uncomfortable treatment, fighting cancer can easily become a larger focus. Though a diagnosis will result in changes to daily routine, women do not need to give up feeling comfortable with their body and personal beauty. It is possible to remain confident and beautiful after starting the fight against cancer.

Pretty organic makeup is the first step in reaching out toward beauty after a cancer prognosis. Organic makeup has very specific benefits that can make it the best choice for women who are currently in the treatment process. Understanding the benefits of makeup is the first part of feeling confident in your skin.

A major benefit of organic makeup is the fact that it will not irritate the skin. It does not have the many chemicals that are found in other makeups and the ingredients are much safer for the skin. This is a major benefit for women who are fighting cancer because the skin is often impacted by treatments, causing unflattering side effects that organic makeup can hide. Using organic and mineral makeup choices will result in looking beautiful without any irritation.

Another benefit of organic cosmetics is that these products do not contain toxins. During cancer treatment, the body needs to focus on healing and fighting cancer. By using organic cosmetics, fewer toxins enter the body allowing the immune system to focus on the battle against cancer. Also, organic makeup is a cruelty free alternative to other types of makeup. It is not tested on animals and only uses natural products that are gentle and hypoallergenic.

The beauty and fashion elements are not easy to overlook when it comes to organic makeup as well. Women who use organic makeup and select the latest fashion trends for clothing cannot help feeling beautiful. Stunning clothes, comfortable makeup and the appearance of beauty go a long way to improving personal comfort in the body and looks. It is not necessary to give up style, fashion and beauty. Instead, it is possible to feel comfortable with the body even while undergoing treatments.

Organic makeup is only one part of feeling beautiful after cancer diagnosis, but it is a key element. Women who look in the mirror and see beauty cannot help feeling beautiful. Between organic makeup and fashionable clothing, it is possible to look and feel more stunning than before cancer diagnosis.

About the Author - Jackie Clark in her own words

Fashion for me has been something of a passion. Ever since I was a child my mom would pull her hair out trying to dress me. I needed flashy and trendy. Traditional clothing just wasn't enough. I grew up spending way too much money on clothes because I struggled wearing the same thing twice. As I grew up I realized the value of a dollar as an Outreach Coordinator with the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance and I figured out that fashion doesn't mean buying something new. The best outfits are those pieces put together from a variety of styles from last seasons boots to my vintage sweater and great grandmother's earrings. Fashion is whatever your style is and my style changes each and every day. 


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  2. good post. more strength to you. :)


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