Friday, July 8, 2011

Quick info and a peek into the mini Haul !

Hello Ladies,

Just a quick snapshot of my mini haul yesterday (collective from Priceline, Sportsgirl & Target) .. I have quickly tried to put this post especially for my Aussie followers/readers. There's an offer going on in Target right now '$10 off on Loreal Lips'. You can check their website for catalogue for your location.

Refined Ruby 337
I bought this gorgeous Refined Ruby (337) shade from their Infallible Le Rouge collection. It costed me AUD 14.95 (actually for AUD 24.95), quite a bargain I must say. Swatches and review of the makeup products will follow soon :)...

So till then just run & grab yours ..worth a try for the introductory price ..


  1. I was at Target today but didn't go near the beauty section :( Great deal on the Loreal lippies. They are great quality and up there with my favourites!

  2. @bhumika : thanks :)
    @Vita : You should go ..I also love Loreal Lippies ..this one also is so soft, smooth & comfortable even after being a long stay one ..

  3. Nice haul Saumya. The lippie looks nice. Waiting for the swatches now.
    Cleam & Clear had been my HG in my school days. ( It was the only face wash around then I guess)

  4. Thanks for the heads up on the L'oreal lippies, I guess I know where I'll be going on sunday ... Target!

  5. @lilit : lol! u r most welcome ..
    @Nivedita : thanks ..ya will put up the swatches soon :) .. im givin C&C a try for the first time, lets c how it goes :)


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